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TnB Collective - The Story

Once upon a time, at the beginning of 2022, there was a four-member team with a bold vision – to create unique and unforgettable events. They were passionate about bringing together music, art, and culture to create experiences that would leave a lasting impact on their audiences. With this goal in mind, they set out on their journey.

Their first event, "Trap'n Baile - The Vibe You Need," was a revelation. The team curated an electrifying atmosphere. What set this event apart was the team's dedication to booking different international artists for each edition. This ensured that every Trap'n Baile event was fresh and exciting, offering attendees something new and innovative every time.

The success of Trap'n Baile fueled the team's passion even further. They wanted to push the boundaries and explore more possibilities. Thus, they decided to create their second event called "Interstella - A Collective of Stars." The focus of Interstella was to celebrate musical variability and diversity, transcending language and cultural barriers.

For Interstella, the team brought together a wide range of artists from across the globe, each representing a unique genre and style – Interstella was a vibrant mosaic of musical brilliance.

TnB Collective
transforms the venues into a wonderland, enticing attendees to explore the diverse soundscape with their hearts and souls.

As the events continued to gain popularity, the team's vision attracted a growing community of music enthusiasts and artists. They found themselves connecting with like-minded individuals who shared their passion for innovation and creativity. Together, they formed a supportive and international network that allowed them to bring their visions to life.

With each event, the team refined their craft and became more adept at curating extraordinary experiences. Their passion for music and art continued to inspire them, and they kept pushing the boundaries of what was possible in event curation.

By the end of 2022, the four-member team had achieved what they had set out to do – they had carved a niche for themselves in the event industry, creating unique and unforgettable experiences that left an indelible mark on all who attended. Their journey was just the beginning, as they continued to dream bigger and bolder, always striving to bring people together through the power of music, art, and culture. The future was bright for this visionary team, and the world eagerly awaited what they would create next